Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy for hair loss

Concentrated doctor giving a platelet-rich plasma injection

Platelet Rich Plasma:

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP also known as Vampire Facial is a unique treatment that is used for both skin and hair restoration. It has long been used in medicine for muscle and tendon problems and repairs.
We draw a sample of your blood and centrifuge it in a machine that spins it very fast. This action separates all the cells from each other with heavy red cells settling at the bottom and lighter yellow-golden plasma on the top.
The plasma is enriched in the healing cells including platelets. When e injected back into your skin or scalp it has numerous benefits.
It does not have a cross-reaction as it is your own blood.
1-4 sessions may be required depending on the problem.
Dr. Akhtar is also able to give a full block to the scalp means the injections are completely pain-free.


Skin pigmentation
Acne scarring
Fine lines
Collagen synthesis
Under-eye circles
Hair restoration
Male and female pattern baldness treatment

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