How to get rid of hyperpigmentation around the mouth naturally

what to use for hyperpigmentation

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a concern I come across very frequently in my day-to-day practice. Although it can affect women of any age mostly affects middle and older age groups.

What causes hyperpigmentation

Two main causes are sun damage and Melasma.

Patients often say they don’t know how they developed sun damage when they don’t go out in the sun. One misconception is that sun damage can only happen by sun-bathing or directly exposing your face to the sun. UV radiations can damage the skin even when the face is not directly exposed to the sun.

The only way to protect your face from sun damage is to wear an SPF all the time, SPF 40-50 on its own, in moisturisers, or even a base to your make-up.

What is the best way to treat Melasma?

Melasma however is a different story. It takes years of experience to differentiate between Melasma and sun-related pigmentation. The commonest areas of Melasma are the chin, upper lips, under eyes cheeks, and forehead.

Unfortunately, once the damage occurs it does not automatically reverse itself. However, the good news is that medical-grade skin products and skin restoration programmes have been proven to reverse pigmentation.

Another great misconception is that just cosmetic and medical-grade products can have the same ingredient. There is a big difference in the strength and the quality of the product. High-grade medical products are produced with the highest concentration of stabilised molecules which means they work when applied on your skin and not just work as a barrier or a moisturiser.

I Had the choice of training in any medical skin programmes some of the more cost-effective for the patients and for me to purchase but I only opted for Obagi and I am very glad because it is one of the very few programmes which actually deliver the results.

I have successfully treated Acne, Blocked pores, uneven and bumpy skin, Pigmentation, Rosacea, and fine lines with Obagi programmes. Their skin rejuvenation and anti-aging properties are unlike any other product even the most expensive cosmetic creams.

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