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Wrinkle reduction treatment for Erectile Dysfunction? Canadian Urologists Believe It Could Restore Erectile Function

Wrinkle reduction treatment for erectile dysfunction

Two Canadian urologists believes that the wildly popular wrinkle eraser Wrinkle reduction treatment can help men struggling with impotence. They believe that if it works for men what it so far done among aged male rats, it may provide a persistent, long-acting mean to bring back erectile function.

Their initial data suggests that botulinum toxin or Wrinkle reduction treatment can increase blood flow to the penis by relaxing the nerves that causes penile smooth muscles to contract. Erection relies mainly on a good blood flow.

The benefit of Wrinkle reduction treatment for erectile dysfunction is that if you inject once, it could last potentially for six months. While there are other forms of penile injection therapy, men have to do it themselves every time they want to have sexual contact. Viagra and other similar pills belonging to the class PDE-5 inhibitors act on the chemical signal that stimulate the penile blood vessels and they have to be taken daily or before sex. Side effects from taking this drug such as heartburn and headache may also be experienced. Furthermore, Viagra does not work for more than 30 percent of the men who tried it.

More so for men with prostate cancer surgery and those with diabetes.

Wrinkle reduction treatment for erectile dysfunction may help those who don’t respond to Viagra. French urologist Francois Giuliano told ‘Wrinkle reduction treatment could be a potential game changer for ED’. Others fear drugs for ED are already propagating narrow social norms of male sexuality and masculinity – such idea that somehow, to be a real man’, you need to be a penetrative force.

Men usually do not talk to their partners about the problem before they look for ED drugs, or keep their use secret. However, studies show that when men talk to their partners, their partners responded openly with the change or they are open to exploring other sexual activities.

Some men are using Wrinkle reduction treatment for treatment overactive bladders by relaxing the smooth muscles in the bladder. The Wrinkle reduction treatment could last up to nine months. Experts wondered whether it could work in a similar way to penis by letting smooth muscles to relax, dilate and allow blood flow to quickly fill the penis.

Based on the rat study, the result showed improved erections, exactly what has predicted. However, the animal subject is not the same for humans. Though much more research has to be done, they hope to begin clinical trials in men as soon as possible.

But still, Wrinkle reduction treatment for erectile dysfunction is not completely safe and harmless. It is made from the bacteria that cause botulism and it can spread out in other areas. When given in high dosage, it can leak into the bloodstream, potentially killing you since it can paralyze everything.

The plan is to administer a very minimal dose because there is a potential risk of causing a permanent damage such as priapism or prolonged erection without sexual stimulation.

5 Most Common Signs of Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment

bad Wrinkle reduction treatment

When neuromodulators such as Wrinkle reduction treatment or Dysport are administered properly by an experienced, qualified person, they look fabulous and natural; but when done wrong, it’s quite obvious that it doesn’t look right. Overdone Wrinkle reduction treatment or simply called ‘Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment ’ is one of the huge concerns nowadays because of this drug’s immense popularity.

People see too many overfrozen, overdone personalities in the TV and they feel frightened that they may look like them as well. While the treatment procedure for Wrinkle reduction treatment is easy, it doesn’t mean it is easy to administer the right way.

Below are the common signs that you just got a bad Wrinkle reduction treatment .

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #1: You got a fake product

Ouch! This is a very important question to ask. Ask your provider whether the product was bought directly from Allergan or where the product is bought. You can also check online to know if the provider is listed under Allergan’s site of official Wrinkle reduction treatment providers.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #2: Your doctor used a ‘template’

This is a bit tricky but there are certainly ways to avoid it. Fillers, neuromodulators, surgery and laser have both science and art elements. Sadly, many people only attend brief training courses where they’re handed a template and only learn how to administer using that template. It may work but there’s a higher possibility of overdoing it as it does not consider the patient’s unique muscle patterns and distinct features. To avoid it, research and see previous patients treated by that practitioner. Do they look natural or frozen?

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #3: You don’t look natural while moving or even resting

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment means a result that looks unnatural while moving or at rest. One common result of ‘Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment ’ is the ‘Spock Brow’ – where the brow tail is unnaturally high while the medial brow is unnaturally low. For the crow’s feet area, a common Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment result is a look of chipmunk cheeks and hollow eyes. It is very important to retain the natural movement of brow elevation when raising the brow as well as the normal cheek elevation when you’re smiling.

Apart from the brows and cheeks, another main area that highlight when something is wrong is the mouth. When your mouth is drooping, it may be due to overdosage of neuromodulators. While this isn’t permanent, it can be devastating while you have them.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #4: You experience an adverse reaction

Any concerning side effect or adverse effect such as increasing pain or swelling or vision changes must prompt you to contact your doctor to ensure everything is fine.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #5: You actually notice new lines forming

This happens when one area is overfrozen, especially when your provider has a heavy hand. Fortunately, it will disappear. In addition, long-term use of significant amounts of Wrinkle reduction treatment , particularly in the upper face, may result to atrophy of the muscles. You might think it’s good because you’ll need less Wrinkle reduction treatment , but it’s not.

Muscle atrophy actually makes your face look old due to the volume loss of the muscles. Right now, it’s not uncommon to see women with smooth, shiny forehead with lower faces full of wrinkles.

NHS in Scotland to Prescribe Wrinkle reduction treatment for Migraine

Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine

For the first time, the NHS in Scotland will be prescribing Wrinkle reduction treatment (Onabotulinumtoxin A) for patients suffering from chronic migraine. Advocates welcomed the decision. Patient will now receive injection treatment of muscle-paralysing drug on their head, face and neck every 12 weeks to treat and prevent migraines and reduce pain.

It is believed that more than 3,700 people in Scotland will be entitled for the treatment every year, costing at around £1,380 per patient. The move to approve Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine brings Scotland in the same line with the rest of UK. Patients in Wales and England have had access to such treatment since 2012. The availability of the treatment could significantly improve the quality of life of patients by lessening their suffering through the use of NHS resources.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Migraine

The Migraine Trust campaign manager Hannah Verghese told: ‘“Increasing the number of treatment options for people with this highly debilitating and disabling condition offers the prospect of reduced pain, reduced social isolation and a greater quality of life, particularly for those who find the current available treatment options ineffective.
“Although this decision is a positive one the Scottish Parliament and NHS Scotland must still commit to do more to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from headache and migraine in Scotland receive the best possible care throughout the health system.”

What is Migraine Headache?

Migraines are believed to be due to changes in the brain chemicals, particularly serotonin. Chronic migraines is characterized by frequent episodes of headaches per month (at least 15 ties) that last for four or more hours. Aside from intense throbbing pain, the symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, visual distortions such as flashing or zigzag patterns and increased sensitivity to bright light, smell or noise.

Although Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine is still more popular as a cosmetic treatment, more and more doctors discover alternative uses for it, which include potential treatment for depression, severe neck spasms and abnormal heartbeat.

It is still uncertain why it seems to alleviate migraine but it is believed that Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine block the nerves’ ability to send pain signals or reduce blood pressure in the brain by relaxing the muscles around the head.

Elaine Bell, 50, a Scottish migraine sufferer has experienced the enervating attacks all her life. When she was young, the only medication available was paracetamol which had no effect to relieve migraine at all. Elaine has been using Wrinkle reduction treatment privately for two years to reduce the frequency and severity of her migraine attacks.

She said that after so many years of missed opportunities, family event, social functions and work, she’s finally a significant improvement in her life and that of her family. For people suffering from chronic migraine in which other treatments have been proven ineffective, Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine can fulfill an unmet need.

Recent Updates on Skin Sculpting: Injectable, Shape-Memorizing, 3D Hyaluronic Acid Cryogels

3D hyaluronic acid

Traditional dermal fillers degrade rapidly, requiring re-injection which can cause complications in the blood flow to the skin. Currently, experts have formulate a new type of dermal filler that can solve all these problems and revolutionize skin and facial rejuvenation- the 3D Hyaluronic Acid Cryogels (3D-HA).

Injectable dermal fillers are quickly becoming a popular choice for facial rejuvenation. Because it is minimally invasive and provides instant results, dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers are administered to add facial volume and smoothen facial lines. But these cosmetic effects are very short-lived and fade over time because of filler migration and degradation. As such, to achieve a dermal filler that lasts long and retains volume and shape, researchers have improved hyaluronic acid dermal filler and create a 3D hyaluronic acid cryogels that can preserve its shape and assimilate with facial tissue.

What is 3D Hyaluronic Acid Cryogels?

3D Hyaluronic acid cryogels are non-toxic, injectable compounds that can provide a desirable effect on facial volume and restore its original, youthful shape. The shape and size of cryogels, aside from rate of degradation and firmness, can be customized. In a study published by the Tissue Engineering Journal, it defined the performance evaluation of 5mm methacrylated 3D hyaluronic acid cryogels.

In the study, it tested the effect of cryogels and dermal fillers on mice. Grouping eight female mice into four groups, the researchers administered their dorsum with dermal fillers – hyaluronic acid (HA), saline, methacrylated hyaluronic acid (MA-HA) and 3D MA-HA Cryogels. In this study, specially formulated heart-shaped cryogels were used.
Using in vivo imaging techniques, the subjects were observed for filler degradation and migration over 30 days. Skin firmness was also noted using a durometer. In addition, 10 mm skin biopsies were taken from injected areas for further analysis.

The results of the study showed positive result on the use of shape-memorizing 3D hyaluronic acid cryogels. The in vivo imaging showed that the heart-shaped cryogels retained even until the 28th day after injection. The rate of degradation was slow – a highly desirable quality in the facial rejuvenation industry.

The 3D cryogels collapsed under sheer stress upon administered but quickly turned to its original shape without any breaks, fissures or fractures. The use of 3D hyaluronic acid cryogels also revealed no subsequent immune reaction or inflammation. Since the 3D cryogel has a porous structure, bigger than the diameter of subcutaneous blood vessel, there is no risk of blood flow blockage.

Overall, the final results implied that the 3D hyaluronic acid cryogels can effectively resolve the limits that arise from the use of traditional dermal fillers. The use of cryogels can dramatically enhance the way cosmetic doctors treat soft tissue regeneration and skin sculpting. Based on further research, the 3D cryogels can be a durable, non-toxic and less invasive form of treatment for soft tissue regeneration and facial rejuvenation.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Depression?

wrinkle reduction treatment for depression

Based on a recent research published by the Journal of Psychiatric Research, it has found that indeed, facial expressions can influence depressed moods.

Dr. Lorenc is not surprised. He tells Cosmetic Surgery Times that after years of injecting neuromodulators into patients suffering from winter blues, he believes that injections can fight depression because neuromodulators control the facial muscles.

Clinical trial data from the research article suggest that Wrinkle reduction treatment for depression injected into the brow muscles has effectively treated depression using the concept of emotional proprioception – where the facial muscles responsible for facial expression play a key role in encoding and transmitting information to the emotional circuitry of the brain. For instance, the emotion of sadness is exhibited by frowning of the glabellar lines. Getting rid of these lines using neuromodulators removes the proprioception of sadness, so the depression will be reduced.

Because winter can cause depression because of the less outdoor activity and less light exposure, there is a rise in patient number during the winter months. When a patient is prone to winter blues, Dr. Lorenc schedules a clinic visit every three to four months. But the Wrinkle reduction treatment itself is highly dose-dependent.

Because the injection, the patient exaggerates the muscle activity for which Dr. Lorenc marks. Then, he injects in those target areas, usually a total of six injections particularly when treating the area of glabella.

Every treatment session may last up to 20 minutes and there is no bruising. A bit of swelling that may last for a few hours may be noticed. Patients can also resume normal activity right away. Dr. Lorenc adds.

Usually, the effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment for depression takes three days before the effect of the injection can be noticed. Most patients are really satisfied with the results. Dr. Lorenc says. After the procedure, patients feel a better sense of wellbeing and happiness. They feel more confident and feel more optimistic about their lives.

Aside from using Wrinkle reduction treatment for depression, people also report looking and feeling younger than their actual age. They see it as a pick-me-up. When they see themselves in the mirror, they don’t look tired. They seem well-rested. Also, they are no longer seen as being angry.

Dr. Lorenc told that some his patients who are teachers are often thought to be always angry. But they’re not really angry. They only have prominent glabellar lines.

In general, neuromodulators have a beneficial effect on how patients are viewed by others. Dr. Lorenc stresses that he is not treating people who are diagnosed clinically with depression, however, past clinical studies on Wrinkle reduction treatment have revealed that patients under antidepressant therapy experienced an overall 61 percent improvement in depression. This is a significant improvement compared to placebo, which only showed 12 percent improvement.