5 Most Common Signs of Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment

bad botox

When neuromodulators such as Wrinkle reduction treatment or Dysport are administered properly by an experienced, qualified person, they look fabulous and natural; but when done wrong, it’s quite obvious that it doesn’t look right. Overdone Wrinkle reduction treatment or simply called ‘Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment ’ is one of the huge concerns nowadays because of this drug’s immense popularity.

People see too many overfrozen, overdone personalities in the TV and they feel frightened that they may look like them as well. While the treatment procedure for Wrinkle reduction treatment is easy, it doesn’t mean it is easy to administer the right way.

Below are the common signs that you just got a bad Wrinkle reduction treatment .

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #1: You got a fake product

Ouch! This is a very important question to ask. Ask your provider whether the product was bought directly from Allergan or where the product is bought. You can also check online to know if the provider is listed under Allergan’s site of official Wrinkle reduction treatment providers.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #2: Your doctor used a ‘template’

This is a bit tricky but there are certainly ways to avoid it. Fillers, neuromodulators, surgery and laser have both science and art elements. Sadly, many people only attend brief training courses where they’re handed a template and only learn how to administer using that template. It may work but there’s a higher possibility of overdoing it as it does not consider the patient’s unique muscle patterns and distinct features. To avoid it, research and see previous patients treated by that practitioner. Do they look natural or frozen?

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #3: You don’t look natural while moving or even resting

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment means a result that looks unnatural while moving or at rest. One common result of ‘Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment ’ is the ‘Spock Brow’ – where the brow tail is unnaturally high while the medial brow is unnaturally low. For the crow’s feet area, a common Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment result is a look of chipmunk cheeks and hollow eyes. It is very important to retain the natural movement of brow elevation when raising the brow as well as the normal cheek elevation when you’re smiling.

Apart from the brows and cheeks, another main area that highlight when something is wrong is the mouth. When your mouth is drooping, it may be due to overdosage of neuromodulators. While this isn’t permanent, it can be devastating while you have them.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #4: You experience an adverse reaction

Any concerning side effect or adverse effect such as increasing pain or swelling or vision changes must prompt you to contact your doctor to ensure everything is fine.

Bad Wrinkle reduction treatment Sign #5: You actually notice new lines forming

This happens when one area is overfrozen, especially when your provider has a heavy hand. Fortunately, it will disappear. In addition, long-term use of significant amounts of Wrinkle reduction treatment , particularly in the upper face, may result to atrophy of the muscles. You might think it’s good because you’ll need less Wrinkle reduction treatment , but it’s not.

Muscle atrophy actually makes your face look old due to the volume loss of the muscles. Right now, it’s not uncommon to see women with smooth, shiny forehead with lower faces full of wrinkles.

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