Using Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Fillers for Nose Area Wrinkle Correction

Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment and advanced liquid face lift products such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse for the wrinkle correction on and around the nose.

Bunny Lines Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

bunny lines
Along the upper third of the nasal bridge and the nose, some people develop facial lines commonly called as ‘bunny lines’. Bunny lines are often an issue to many people. It is caused by the hyperactivity of the nasalis muscles when laughing or smiling. They are called bunny lines since they’re developed from the twitching of the nose muscles.
You can see bunny lines by scrunching your nose. These facial lines may be diagonal, vertical or horizontal. They are typically shallow or superficial. Doctors usually treat bunny lines with a tiny dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment placed in either side of the nose and in the traverse line that runs across the nasal bridge.

It is important not to inject too lateral or away from the nose to avoid affecting the patient’s smile. Though only a little dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment are administered to treat bunny lines, it will require regular treatments as soon as they start to reappear.

Dermal fillers can also be used to treat bunny lines. When used, dermal fillers are injected under the skin lines to fill in a portion of the wrinkles.

Nasolabial Folds Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

nasolabial lines before and after

Nasolabial folds are deep folds or creases that forms from the corner of the nose extending to the corners of the mouth. Nasolabial folds may vary in severity, from shallow lines to superficial folds to very deep crevasses. Sometimes, nasolabial folds may arch around the corners of the mouth, creating a parentheses-looking curves.

Treatment for nasolabial folds vary depending on the type of fold and the severity. For fine lines, doctors often use a filler, usually a less-bulking type such as Juverderm Ultra superficially in the fold. Deeper nasolabial folds are usually treated with advanced liquid face lift products such as Perlane, Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra Plus, more deeply beneath the fold. Such technique will push the fold up, lessening the appearance of the fold, and in some cases, removing the fold entirely.

Aside from direct treatment of nasolabial fold, an advanced liquid face lift procedure can create positive effect on the nasolabial folds. By lifting the upper face or adding volume to cheeks and other facial areas will help pull back the fold for an enhanced appearance. Hence, a growing number of doctors also alleviate nasolabial folds by placing dermal fillers in other areas like the cheeks.

Like any other procedures using liquid face lift products, it is recommended to choose a physician who has extensive experience with treatments that involves non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers and Wrinkle reduction treatment . The more experience the injector has, the more likely he knows and understands the vital intricacies of injection techniques and placement of treatment to achieve natural-looking results.

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