Get Rid of Your Bitchy Resting Face with Wrinkle reduction treatment

Bitchy Resting Face

Ever heard of the term, ‘bitchy resting face’? It is a relatively new catch phrase nowadays, but the truth is, this facial appearance actually needs some few explanations.

First heard by Taylor Orci, a comedian in her Youtube video entitled ‘Bitchy Resting Face’, it has received more than 4 million hits. What’s interesting is that many women agreed and responded to it despite the fact that it was supposed to be a joke.

‘Bitchy resting face’ refers to the lack of facial expression even when a person isn’t actively interacting or responding to a conversation, making them look angry or moody even if they feel just fine.

When you are not interacting or smiling, it means that your face falls into a resting position, yet your appearance can be misleading and you may be misunderstood. Such facial appearance can cause problems when other people think a person is mean, moody, tired, grumpy or even ‘bitchy’. Such case leaves a perception and this influences how they treat you.

While partially genetic, our face undergoes some changes that over time can make you look stern, angry, or overly concerned even if you are not. One cause is repeated furrowing of the brow which can cause deep wrinkles between the eyebrows.

How Wrinkle reduction treatment Works for ‘Bitchy Resting Face’

The most common cause of this phenomenon is the 11s – the two vertical furrows in between your eyebrows, which gives you that permanent angry look. Wrinkle reduction treatment can help inhibit deeply etched 11s by weakening the muscles, causing a relaxed look.

If you mad and angry expression is constant and fixed, even during vacation, romantic moments and even when shopping, it’s definitely a problem. Nothing makes a woman appear less intimidating and more pleasant than a Wrinkle reduction treatment for her brow lines. It can erase a negative vibe from your face.

Another benefit of Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it can bring back the confidence and show a great attitude when you have a natural resting appearance. Wrinkle reduction treatment is a protein that when injected in your 11s can block motor impulses and deactivate them

Many patients prefer to have cosmetic injectables such as Wrinkle reduction treatment when they have been told they look fed up, tired or angry. Cosmetic treatments can be very effective in lifting the brows, smoothing the skin, opening up tired, sleepy eyes, clearing large pores for a more freshened up look or lifting the corners of the nose and mouth to prevent the aging droop.

It is important to get a Wrinkle reduction treatment specialist to smooth out your 11s. This isn’t a cookie-cutter procedure. Make sure you get referrals and check the doctor’s before and after photos, affiliations and credentials. To achieve the best natural results, precise positioning and accurate dosages of Wrinkle reduction treatment is necessary and very important

We have observed several patients who have chosen non-surgical treatments like Wrinkle reduction treatment . It can be really frustrating to feel fine yet have colleagues and friends think that you’re not. Skin Hampshire can provide the solution in creating a calm, serene demeanor, even when relaxed.

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