Wrinkle reduction treatment vs. Dysport – The Differences and Similarities

botox vs Dysport

Wrinkle reduction treatment vs. Dysport are both neurotoxins, a form of Botulinum Toxin Type A, which have been approved by the FDA for addressing wrinkles and fine lines. Although both products are chemically similar and have been used for the same indication, there’s one big difference between the two – both products cannot be interchanged as they are dosed differently.

Wrinkle reduction treatment vs. Dysport – What are the Similarities

As we age, wrinkles and fine lines naturally develop in certain facial areas because of frequent muscle contractions from the usual daily facial expressions. For instance, squinting and smiling could create ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes, while lifting your brows may lead to forehead wrinkles.

Dysport and Wrinkle reduction treatment target wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing the specific muscle tissue and prevent such muscle from contraction. When injected into a specific muscle, both products can temporarily block the nerve impulses that control contraction of the muscles. This results in reduction of movement and relaxation of muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Both provide temporary results. After a certain period, the nerve impulses start to reach the muscle area again, which result in both muscle contractions as well as the reappearance of facial lines. But with regular treatment sessions along with an experienced injector, it can approximately maintain results in 3 to 6 months.

Wrinkle reduction treatment vs. Dysport – What are the Differences

The difference between the two boils down to differing formula characteristics.

In terms of dilution, Wrinkle reduction treatment is diluted differently than Dysport. If a patient used a specific number of Wrinkle reduction treatment units, they will likely need to reduce the number of unit when changing to Dysport. But higher dilution doesn’t mean that Dysport is less efficient than Wrinkle reduction treatment . It only means that more dosage of Dysport is needed to get the same result.

In terms of molecular size and diffusion, Dysport seems to diffuse more than Wrinkle reduction treatment , which causes it to cover a greater area once injected. Because Dysport has smaller molecules, it works more rapidly than Wrinkle reduction treatment and spreads to a broader area.

In certain areas, this is good but not all. Dysport is less efficient in addressing delicate areas where more precision is necessary. That is why it’s highly important to see a doctor who has considerable experience and expertise when it comes to administration and dosing.

The bottom line is, choosing between Dysport and Wrinkle reduction treatment may boil down to simple preference of the patient and the doctor. There are times when both products are used concurrently during a single treatment to produce better result.

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