• Dr. Naureen Akhtar General Practitioner MBBS,MRCGP,DRCOG

How Regular Use of Sunscreen Can Prevent Wrinkles


Based on a study conducted by Australian researchers, regular use of sunscreen protects the skin from photoaging – the hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and loss of elasticity due to exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Although this may not be surprising, it is the first study to quantify the anti-aging properties of sunscreen.

Over 900 participants were followed for four years. They were told to use sunscreen every day and instructed on its proper usage, including reapplication after being exposed for few hours, after sweating heavily or after going in the water. The changes on the skin were measure through microtopography, a technique in which researchers do silicone impressions at the back of every subject’s hand. Skin surface pattern reflect the degree of sun’s damage to the deeper skin, particularly to the collagen and elastic fibers.

After the four-year period, damage was determined, on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 signifying skin with severe aging and 1 meaning no damage. Participants were assessed and given a score at the beginning and another one at the end. The result us that those who used sunscreen every day were 24 percent less likely to show an increase in the signs of photoaging. Because of the research, there is a now a scientific evidence to support the cosmetic value of sunscreen. Regular use of sunscreen by the young adults to those under 55 offer cosmetic benefits and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Sun damage comes in different types. UV B radiation is the leading cause of most skin cancers and sunburns, while photoaging is primarily caused by UV A radiation, robbing the skin its natural ability to retain it shape. It also causes freckles and liver spots.

What Type of Sunscreen Should I Use?

The answer will depend on the amount of sun exposure you are anticipating. However, we recommend a broad-spectrum product that provide protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Many lotions and moisturizers contain sunscreen, often SPF 15 or more, and this is enough for everyday activities with only few minutes under the sun. But if you are working outside or need to spend most of your time outside, you need water-resistant, stronger type that can sustain for several hours.

The water-resistant types are also preferable during hot days when you sweat a lot or while playing sports, since they’re less likely to drip into your eyes when sweating. Most of the sun protection products available today combine a variety of active chemical sun protection ingredients to give broad-spectrum protection.

How Much Sunscreen Should I Use?

To enjoy the full benefits of a sunscreen, you have to apply 1 ounce or about a shot glass full of sunscreen. If you are having a long day at the beach, use around one half to a quarter of an 8 ounce bottle. This must be applied 30 minutes before going outside to let the ingredient completely bind to the skin.

Reapply the same amount every two hours. This is as important as applying it on in the first place. Sunscreens must be reapplied after swimming, sweating or toweling off.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment and Fillers for Chest and Cleavage Rejuvenation

chest wrinkles1

One very common concern among aging women has always been wrinkles. Most women concentrate so much on the cheeks, eyes, neck and mouth that they forget a part of the body that is frequently exposed and as vulnerable to wrinkles like any other part of the body – the chest and the cleavage. If you notice the trends on women fashion nowadays, they all try to highlight this area. For this reason, many aging women wanted to rejuvenate wrinkly cleavage and chest.

Reasons Why Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles Develop

It’s not surprising that cleavage and chest wrinkles form the same way fine lines and wrinkles on other parts of the body do. The chest is an often exposed area and many women forget to use generous amount of sunscreen on this area, resulting to sun damage. Also, natural aging process causes thinning of the skin, as well as decrease in the production of protein and collage. With less collagen, there is less elasticity under the skin to support this body areas. In the case of women, cleavage wrinkles form due to the weight of the breast pulling the chest skin down.
Another reason why chest and cleavage wrinkles develop is due to breast surgeries. Women who undergo radiation treatments for breast cancer may notice changes in the texture of their chest skin.

Fillers and Wrinkle reduction treatment for Chest and Cleavage Rejuvenation

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Fillers. Filler can fill in wrinkles and deeper lines by injecting hyaluronic acid, fat or collagen under the skin. Similar to Wrinkle reduction treatment , it is often used for facial imperfections and volume loss, but in the case of cleavage or chest wrinkles, it can help diminish wrinkles on the chest and cleavage area. Fillers can be a great alternative from chemical or device-based procedures like laser resurfacing, chemical peels and many others.

Botulinum toxin. Though Wrinkle reduction treatment is usually administered for facial wrinkles and fine lines, it may help lessen the appearance of chest/cleavage wrinkles. Wrinkle reduction treatment works by relaxing the muscles and inhibiting contractions. Wrinkle reduction treatment can give you a smoother cleavage and chest skin that could last between three to four months. With Wrinkle reduction treatment , the cleavage line will be much sharper and more defined since you’re not seeing any fine lines anymore. The fine lines will disappear after about 24 hours post-injection.

Chest and cleavage rejuvenation using Wrinkle reduction treatment will need about 10 to 20 injections. Though Wrinkle reduction Injectionis not FDA-approved for treat chest area wrinkles, it is one of the many off-label uses of Wrinkle reduction treatment .

Prevent Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles

Clearly, the first step to prevent further wrinkles on your cleavage and chest is to use sunscreen every day. Anytime you expect to go outside, you have to apply sunscreen to skin areas that are exposed to the sun. You may think that a cold or cloudy day will not cause any sun damage; in reality, ultraviolet rays during the day are always present and must be treated accordingly. If you are a heavy drinker or a smoker, it is best to take both in limited quantities.

How Wrinkle reduction treatment Can Make You Look Younger


When it comes to minimally-invasive cosmetic medicine, Wrinkle reduction treatment is the leading treatment drug for countering the effects of premature aging and preserving youthful skin. Aside from treating wrinkles in the forehead, it can be skilfully administered to treat wrinkles in the lower face, neck and around the mouth.

It has been used since 1970’s and until now, Wrinkle reduction treatment has been shown to have consistent excellent safety record. If you want to erase the appearance of any wrinkles or lines and have a smooth, flawless complexion, Wrinkle reduction treatment is definitely for you.

  1. Tested and proven to lift brow – your eyebrow may lower or drop over time. With Wrinkle reduction treatment , it can actually lift and shape them, making you appear less tired and give you a radiant look. Though the shape of each person’s brows is different, Wrinkle reduction treatment can help create a natural-looking shapely brow.
  2. Minimally invasive treatment to dynamic wrinkles and lines – you can achieve a flawless, youthful complexion without any cuts and wounds.
  3. Safe and effective anti-aging treatment – The skin recovers in a relaxed, tension-free environment. With the help of Wrinkle reduction treatment , your facial muscles relax resulting in a significant reduction of wrinkles and lines.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Wrinkle reduction treatment

To enjoy the best results of Wrinkle reduction treatment , it is important to take these measure before, during and after the treatment.

When it comes to Wrinkle reduction treatment , there’s no such thing as overdone, only mis-done.
Certain lifestyle factors and age should be considered when deciding which facial areas need Wrinkle reduction treatment injection. When done in perfect balance, it is almost impossible to see that Wrinkle reduction treatment was injected. The quantity of Wrinkle reduction treatment is also very crucial. Administering enough product will make sure that it lasts longer.

Don’t touch it. And skip the gym for now.
On the day after Wrinkle reduction treatment , don’t exercise. Excessive movement may cause the product to move away from the injection site. In addition, avoid massaging your face, placing your head down over your arms or touching it, if possible. Never sleep face down on a pillow.

Never get laser treatment, microdermabrasion or even facials 24 to 48 hours after treatment
Avoid touching your skin where the Wrinkle reduction treatment was administered. Never massage or rub the injection site for 24 hours.

Don’t take NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Aspirin
If possible, avoid pain reliever particularly Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Naproxen sodium and Aspirin as they have blood-thinning effect and hence, increases the risk of bruising. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is fine.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet
If you experience bruising, proper hydration and nutrition are necessary for fast healing and recovery. Eat foods rich in Vitamin K such as cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, kale, spinach) and Bromelain (pineapple) to help in your skin’s healing. Furthermore, drink lots of water and avoid consumption of alcohol as it can lead to dehydration.