Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Lip Enhancement (Lip Lift)

Lip Enhancement

Aging can affect the appearance of the lips. Wrinkles and fine lines form around the mouth, the cupid’s bow of the lips thins out, the space between the nose and mouth extends and corners of the lips start to sag.

Traditionally, when it comes to medical aesthetics, Wrinkle reduction treatment is place into the muscles responsible for bunny lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. But there are unconventional ways to use it more than just facial wrinkles.

Non-surgical lip enhancement using Wrinkle reduction treatment is designed to bring back the youthful appearance of the lips. Wrinkle reduction treatment may be used to add definition to the lips, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

Enhancing Lip Definition with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Some people have less defined lips since birth, but many other lose the definition after many years, as the nasal philtrum (the ridge between the lips and the nose) and the lips begin to flatten out. People who don’t want the ‘pouty’, plump lips can make a subtle change in their looks by adding lip definition to the ridges and the nasal philtrum.

Wrinkle reduction treatment may help roll the lips outward by injecting slightly above the upper and lower vermillion border. This can help add lip definition, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

For most patients, the Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Definition enhancement requires only one to two units of Wrinkle reduction treatment for every side of the lip area. This is a great procedure for those who want to have a fuller lip. The Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Lift is the ideal procedure for people who wants the appearance of a more lip volume but does not want to commit to fillers.

Frown Lift with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Due to the inevitable effects of aging, many people start to develop an overstated frown – when the corners of the mouth turn down and the oral commissure lines (the line that extends from the downturned lips). A lot of people also develop lines that extend from corners of the mouth too.

To diminish oral commissure lines and lift subtly the corners of the mouth, physicians inject Wrinkle reduction treatment in the Depressor Anguli Ori (DAO) muscle – the area just below and outside the oral commissures. This muscle connects the corners of your mouth your jaw bone. DAO is primarily used for facial expression, and lets you frown. Using this muscle over time make them strong, pulling down the corners of the mouth. This along with other natural aging processes such as loosening of the ligament around the mouth and volume loss, leads to marionette lines as well as the jowls around the lower face.

Wrinkle reduction treatment can also be place along the jaw line to help lift the mouth’s lateral aspects. This will diminish the downturned lips by gently lifting the corners of the mouth.

Expect to see results after 1 to 2 weeks. But like any other Wrinkle reduction treatments, many patients can see the fast results in the mouth area.

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