Here’s What You Should Know About ‘Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ’

baby botox

Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment is a delicate procedure in administering Wrinkle reduction treatment to achieve a highly natural and subtle result. First coined in the US, the term ‘baby wrinkle reduction treatment’ rose when movie director Martin Scorsese complained that many actresses he casted look ‘frozen’ and couldn’t use natural facial expression. The actresses began to search for Wrinkle reduction treatment while still working for a more natural look and that will wear off quickly just in time for their next project.

How does Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment Work?

Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment still uses the same treatment formula (Botullinum toxin) and injected in the usual areas. But the difference is that tiny doses, often lower than average, of the treatment are administered and are placed exceedingly carefully into the facial muscles when it will relax facial contractions by blocking nerve impulses. This will let the skin appear smooth, with wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable.

The result: It softens the appearance of wrinkles while still letting natural facial movement. Any hint of frozen look will be avoided.

The most common areas for Baby Wrinkle reduction Injectionare:

  • The forehead
  • Around the eyes

This treatment procedure is not permanent. Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment wears off more quickly so patients have to return for the next treatment after two months. The advantage of Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it gives patients the choice. If a client wanted the usual dose treatment, we will use a unique technique that will achieve effective, long lasting but still natural looking results. However, Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment can be used for those who want to be more minimal and achieve more natural look, or those who don’t want it to last long.

Who are the Best Candidates for Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ?

Wrinkle reduction treatment is a highly popular option among men and women who desire to have youthful look and reduce frown lines and wrinkles. Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment patients can be of any gender or age, and its popularity is growing every year.

  1. First timers – those who never had Wrinkle reduction treatment before and are worried not to overdo it.
  2. Preventative patients – those who are using it as a preventative measure, to block muscle activity so wrinkles won’t develop
  3. Younger patients – those who want a very light dose to prevent early signs of aging
  4. Patients needing facial movement – common clients are actors and actresses who want to retain their full range of facial expressions, yet want to achieve a subtle suppression of aging signs so they still look good on screen
  5. Natural look seekers – those who want a particularly subtle look to their results

Are they any negative side effects of Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ?

Perhaps the most common side effects are mild pain and tenderness on the site of injection, including very mild swelling, which subsides within 48 hours. Very rarely, the treatment may cause adjacent muscle groups to relax, giving the appearance of a drooping eyelids or eyebrows. This case is rare and should diminish after a week or two.

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