How to Extend the Results of Wrinkle reduction treatment or Dermal Filler Treatment

Wrinkle treatment

The result of Wrinkle reduction treatment or dermal filler treatment is not permanent, and so, we want to help our patients understand their own skin to help them extend the results and – over time – will need fewer repeat touch up treatments. Below are some tips to help extend the results of your dermal filler or Wrinkle reduction treatment and lower the cost of preserving a youthful facial contour and skin.

Use Superior Quality Skincare Products

One of the best ways to continue enjoying the benefits of an advanced dermal filler or liquid face lift is effective skin care. But the problem is, there are countless overstated claims about beauty products that it can be hard to search through the broad array of options to find out what really works.

Although some over-the-counter products deliver their claims, you might consider using medical grade skincare products. These products are formulated to higher specification compared to similar OTC products. It is best to use products that will help prevent future skin damage. A facial cleanser that balances pH while extract impurities and exfoliates is important. A sunscreen with high SPF applied every day is essential for your defence against future damage from the sun. High grade moisturizer with antioxidant can help prolong your results.

Follow Doctor’s Advice for Post-treatment Care

Your doctor will more likely recommend you not to lie down for several hours after a Wrinkle reduction treatment . Excessive physical activity or muscle movement may be asked to be avoided for few hours after a liquid face lift procedure. By following doctor’s recommendation, you will help achieve its maximum efficacy.

Use Wrinkle reduction treatment along with Dermal Filler Treatment Where Applicable

Exaggerated muscle movement can weaken the strength, even the most advanced dermal filler. Because Wrinkle reduction treatment weakens excessive muscle movement, it is effective in prolonging the life of most liquid face lift and dermal filler treatment. Wrinkle reduction treatment provide a dual purpose. First is that dermal filler last much longer. Second, it provides dermal fillers more time to trigger collagen production response for another level of enduring results. However, there are some cases where Wrinkle reduction treatment may not be recommended. Discuss with your physician if supplementing the treatment with Wrinkle reduction treatment would be helpful.

Maintain Optimum Results with Regular Touch-Ups

This can have a tremendous impact on how the dermal filler stimulate your skin’s production of collagen and how it will relax the wrinkles and lines. One of the most common mistake people make after getting Wrinkle reduction treatment or dermal filler is not returning timely for a touch-up treatment. They usually do this to save money but if you want to achieving longer results, your money spent on regular follow-up procedure often leads to huge savings over time.

When it comes to dermal fillers, it takes several touch ups before the body starts to respond on its own to produce collagen. The effect of routine follow up treatments are usually cumulative, and help prolong the results for longer intervals between touch up treatments. It’s possible that a patient who followed regular touch up for two years may start to measure intervals in terms of years.

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