People Believe That Wrinkle reduction treatments Can Be Very Expensive. That’s Not True.

When you’re thinking about Wrinkle reduction treatment , one of your first considerations will be the cost as it can be very expensive. The affordable options are obviously more tempting but it is important that while you do your research, you read and carefully absorb every tiny bit of information and don’t just scan the page for prices as there are loads of important considerations that can impact price.

There are a few precedents for all clinics when it comes to charging for Wrinkle reduction Injections. This makes it somewhat harder to provide price estimates. Obviously the best way to get a good idea of price is to ask a professional or a professional clinic. They will need to be able to see the area because everyone has different skin and then provide you with an accurate estimate.

To help you understand how prices are allotted, here is some information for you to know how it’s done.

The cost of Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic injections varies from one place to another and from one practitioner to another. Most practices have a flat cost for each injection of WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT® Cosmetic which is usually between £200 – £500, though some will break it down by “units” used per treatment. One vial of Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic contains 100 units. Advertised specials of £6 – £7 per unit are not uncommon while some practitioners may charge up to £10 – £12 per unit. Here are how many units you’ll typically need for each facial area.

– Frown Lines = 20 to 40 units
– Crow’s Feet = 15 to 28 units
– 11s (vertical lines going upwards from your eyebrows) = 20 to 25 units
– Neck bands = 40 to 60 units

There are clinics and practitioners who also charge by the “zone” or “area”. For example, the frown lines would be one zone, the crow’s feet another zone and the forehead yet another zone.

The Skin Hampshire in UK has allotted the following prices per “area”:

Wrinkle reduction treatment Prices:
1st area= £160
2nd area= £250
3rd area= £290
Hyperhidrosis= £400
Extra Product Use= £60

Wrinkle reduction treatment Dermal Fillers:
Wrinkle reduction treatment Dermal Fillers 0.5 ml syringe = £160
1 ml syringe= £280
Cheek enhancement= £350

Our consultation fee is £50 and there is absolutely no fee charged if treatment is undertaken or booked.

Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic price variables should be weighed against other factors such as the quality of the cosmetic surgery practice and the professional qualifications of the doctor. An exceptionally low Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic price can be indicative of questionable treatment.

There are various payment methods and financing plans available to assist your journey and you shouldn’t be hesitant to inquire about it in your initial consultation with your Doctor.

Also, as with any cosmetic and medical procedure, there are some considerations that must be taken into account which can further impact price. Let’s look at some of those basic elements.

• The qualifications, skill and experience of the doctor carrying out the treatment.
• The part of the country you are located.
• The reputation of the clinic as a whole.
• Extra treatments like touch ups which may be needed.
• Extra medical equipment used, which are included in the cost.

Do contact us for more details on our treatments and to talk to your Wrinkle reduction treatment consultant.

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