Wrinkle reduction treatment And Migraine – Getting Treatment For Persistent Headaches


To anyone who suffers from chronic migraine regularly would know exactly how painful and debilitating headaches can be and that for relief, patients will try just about anything.

Wrinkle reduction treatment for Migraine

Wrinkle reduction treatment might just be the answer to make those head splitting pains go away. In 2010, FDA approved Wrinkle reduction treatment as a treatment for chronic migraine. How it works is that Wrinkle reduction treatment blocks the release of neuro-transmitters that are linked to causing pain. Neuro-transmitters are chemicals that carry nerve impulses. To prevent headache, Wrinkle reduction treatment blocks these signals from reaching the central nervous system that are causing the nerves to become highly sensitive.

How is it administered?

It is administered by injection, divided across seven specific head/neck muscle areas. The number of injection sites start at 31, up to a maximum of 39. Half the injection sites should be on the left side of the head and half on the right. If there is a predominant pain location, further injections may be given (up to the maximum dosage). The injections should be given by trained personnel in hospital or specialist centres. Always make sure that you see a doctor who is trained in administering Wrinkle reduction treatment for migraine and not for cosmetic reasons.

Does it work for everyone?

Wrinkle reduction treatment has been approved for treating headaches that are present for more than 15 days per month. It is used to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine who have 15 or more days each month with headache lasting 4 or more hours each day and in people who are 18 years or older. No efficacy has been shown for Wrinkle reduction treatment in preventing headaches in patients with episodic migraine (headaches for less than fifteen days per month).

There are, however, other treatments available to patients with chronic migraine and it is important that patients have an informed discussion of their headaches and the options for treatment with a practitioner experienced in the diagnosis and management of headaches before a decision to use Wrinkle reduction treatment is taken.

Can you take other medications for headache while receiving Wrinkle reduction Injection therapy?

Yes. Aggressive treatment of acute migraine headache with appropriate medications used in an appropriate fashion and at a frequency that will not cause medication overuse. Many clinics have found them to be complementary to Wrinkle reduction treatment in suppressing chronic migraine, and there is no convincing evidence that use of medications intended for migraine prevention will block the positive effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment .

How long will the injection procedure take, and will you be able to resume your normal activities afterward?

Again, when the treatment is performed by a skilled and experienced injector, the procedure should require no more than 10-15 minutes and can be performed in a standard examination room. Afterward, you should be able to immediately resume your routine activities. The Wrinkle reduction treatment  injections over your forehead will raise small “bumps,” but these will vanish spontaneously within hours and more quickly so if you apply ice to the region.

What are the potential side effects of Wrinkle reduction Injection therapy for chronic migraine?

While Wrinkle reduction treatment is a remarkably clean treatment for the prevention and suppression of headache, side effects can occur. The most common of these is neck pain and stiffness, often accompanied by what has become known as “wobbly neck” or “bobble head.” Regardless, the Wrinkle reduction treatment -related weakness and the pain/stiffness resolve within days to weeks, and in the interim, symptomatic treatment with an anti-inflammatory drug may be quite effective for the pain. Muscle relaxants are to be avoided, as they may worsen the problem (muscle weakness) that precipitated the pain in the first place. Less common side effects include a temporary drooping of the eyelid and rarely, flu-like symptoms.

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