The Benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment for Oily Skin

oily skin

Pores are vital for keeping the skin hydrated and soft. But when pores become overly large, they can produce more sebum, look uneven and rough and can be unflattering. Even applying makeup can be hard.

Oily skin is thick, shiny and dull-looking. Usually, a chronically oily skin exhibits coarse pores, often has acne and other unpleasant blemishes. It is prone to blackheads and comedones. In this skin type, the oil-producing sebaceous glands are overactive, producing more oil than what’s needed. The oil oozes on the skin surface, giving that embarrassing greasy appearance.

Oily skin clogs pores, ruins makeup and is a pain to deal with.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Oily Skin

The good news is, Wrinkle reduction treatment can be used to control the production of skin oils. Called as ‘intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment ’, this latest technique can reduce skin oil production by targeting the pores – the key to oil production. When the pore size is reduced, the surface area of the skin is reduced and tightened, creating a lift effect.

The science behind Intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it targets the muscles that control pore size – the erector pili muscle as well as the oil glands. When applied with Wrinkle reduction treatment , the pore size will reduce in size, and hence lessen oil production.

Intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment therapy is also popular for reducing sweat production, shrinking pore size and even reduce the appearance of acne marks. Facial lines in areas thought before to be off-limits to Wrinkle reduction treatment such as below the eyes can now be treated with Wrinkle reduction treatment for a softer look.

How Is It Done

Wrinkle reduction treatment facial uses a tiny amount of Wrinkle reduction treatment diluted to a solution and then injected to the face using a micro-needling pen. The Wrinkle reduction treatment isn’t injected deep so you will not experience the same ‘wrinkle-smoothing’ effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment . Far fewer units are also used compared to a regular Wrinkle reduction treatment wrinkle treatment.

The treatment works by focusing on the oil and sweat glands of the skin as well as the erector pili muscles. By targeting the glands and these tiny muscles, your skin will feel smoother, tighter and less shiny.
Although there is no assurance that it will work for everyone, Wrinkle reduction treatment can possibly prevent acne and blemishes by quelling oil production.

The results can be noticed even after 5 to 7 days after the procedure while the effect can be seen after 3 to 4 months. The treatment is very easy and does not need numbing. There is zero downtime, with a very slight redness of the skin. Because the procedure uses micro-needling pen, you’ll get the amazing benefits of a micro needling procedure such as smoother, more even skin.

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