• Dr. Naureen Akhtar General Practitioner MBBS,MRCGP,DRCOG

How a Liquid Facelift Can Help With Your Cheek Wrinkles

cheek wrinkles

Cosmetic doctors from different parts of the world have been using advanced liquid facelift products such as Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Fillers to correct different types of cheek wrinkles. Cheek wrinkles can extend from your crow’s feet going down to your jawline just above the cheek hollow region of the face. Also called as sub-malar, this cheek hollow area is the flat area on the side of the face that extends above the jaw line.

Prior to the application of dermal fillers, the areas to be treated are numbed with a topical anesthetic, nerve block or a local anesthetic. Ice is also used during and after the treatment to minimize any swelling.

Upper Cheek Wrinkles

Wrinkles found at the outer corner of the eyes are usually called Crow’s feet. In some people, this lines can elongate over the cheek bone and on the cheek hollow. They are relatively shallow and superficial. When treating these lines, Wrinkle reduction treatment are often combined with dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm to relax and fill the wrinkles.

Wrinkle reduction treatment is administered in the depressor muscles just above and outside the eyes and along the cheek bone area. The fillers are placed below the wrinkles, often at the dermis of the skin. The advantage of wrinkle reduction in this area is that it can stay longer than other facial areas as there’s less movement. Some doctors reported that patients who undergone upper wrinkle liquid facelift have wrinkles disappear for longer amounts of time.

Upper Cheek Contouring

The cheekbone is a common treatment zone for most people who seeking a facial lift. Over time, fat loss, collagen depletion and skeletal changes can flatten the cheeks. This only highlights sagging in various areas of the face such as the jowls, the hollows under the eyes and a downward turn of the lips.

Correcting the cheek area using dermal fillers can results to a subtle yet dramatic enhancement. Depending on your personal goals, we can provide a smooth curve on your cheeks, or a more dramatic ‘apple’ effect. Those who desire for a more ‘apple cheek’ can ask for more fillers in the upper cheekbone area.

Lower Cheek Wrinkles

Some people have facial wrinkles that extend from the cheek hollow around the jawline. Wrinkles present in this area are usually treated with a dermal filler such as Radiesse or Juvederm.

For shallow, superficial wrinkles, Juvederm may last up to a year when administered in this specific part of the face. For deeper wrinkles, Radiesse is an excellent product as it not only fill and lift deep wrinles but it helps stimulate collagen production, resulting in extended results. Some doctors use Sculptra in the cheek hollows too. Sculptra is an FDA-approved for parts that have atrophied or lost volume. Though it doesn’t fill, it can stimulate collagen production over time. This provides positive effect on the appearance of the wrinkles.

Some lower cheer wrinkle can be treated with Wrinkle reduction treatment too. Depending on the patient’s goals and needs, some doctors use Wrinkle reduction treatment to extend the longevity of advanced dermal fillers.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Fillers – The Pros and Cons

Nose reshaping, medically termed as rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK, but many people who want to enhance the look of their nose can’t afford such procedure. That is until medical expert started getting creative in using fillers.

Today, the use of fillers for non-surgical nose jobs are increasingly growing. A decade ago, it was still a relatively new procedure but today, office treatments are becoming more and more common.

The Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping Using Fillers

Before you consider getting this procedure, it is better to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of this treatment.



Zero downtime – the traditional surgical rhinoplasty requires at least 24 hours rest and there will be considerable amount of swelling and bruising for a week or two. However, with non-surgical rhinoplasty, the patient will only experience a little redness after the procedure and light swelling for one week afterward. With filler nose reshaping, there is no time off work, no surgical scarring and no general anaesthesia.

Reversible – if you choose Restylane or Juvederm for your non-surgical nose reshaping, you can easily reverse the procedure if you’re not happy with the result or if you want to have surgical rhinoplasty instead. The fillers injected can easily be dissolved using a hyaluronidase enzyme.

A solution for people who have surgical rhinoplasty – when a traditional nose job goes wrong, a patient’s nose can look even worse than its original shape. If a revision rhinoplasty is not an option, a filler nose job can help fix botched surgery.

More affordable – while the price of nose reshaping vary depending on the nature of the procedure, the average cost of surgical rhinoplasty in the UK starts at around £3,000. With such price, going to its filler counterpart is definitely a steal. However, be sure to consider the cost of maintenance which is every 1 to 2 years.

You can experiment on different nose shape – many people are now using filler rhinoplasty as an initial test before having the permanent one. The filler version can give you an idea on what nose shape you want – straighter nose, more defined tip or less nasal look.



Not permanent – filler rhinoplasty may last up to 9 to 12 months, but some doctors say it can last up to two years since there is minimal movement in the nasal area.

Adds to the nose size – instead of reducing the size of the nose, which is often the aim of treatment in many traditional rhinoplasties, filler nose jobs actually add to the size of the nose. However, when injecting filler to correct a hump, the nose appears to be smaller because it creates an optical illusion.

Cannot fix every problem – as mentioned above, filler nose jobs cannot reduce the size of your nose. Also, it has limitations on how much it can reshape the nose tip. If you are not sure with surgery, it is good to consider a non-surgical nose job. Filler nose job can provide good results, but if are unhappy with what you see, you can easily get your old nose back.

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