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Wrinkle reduction treatment Side Effects And Reasons


Learn About The Possible Side Effects That Can Happen After Wrinkle reduction treatment

Potential Wrinkle reduction treatment side effects include pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding and bruising. Some of these symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction; other allergy symptoms are itching, wheezing, asthma, a rash, red welts, dizziness and faintness. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any breathing issues or a faint or dizzy feeling.

Also, dry mouth, fatigue, headache and neck pain have been reported in patients that went through wrinkle reduction treatment procedures, supervised usually under inexperienced practitioners.

Follow this advice to ensure the best results for your wrinkle reduction treatment.

Only resort to Professional Skin Clinics:

First things first. Don’t get injections at a “Wrinkle reduction treatment party” at somebody’s house or at any random parlor or spa. Remember if things go wrong, a spa might not have the equipment necessary to take necessary immediate action to prevent it. A medical setting or a skin clinic is safer, and any side effects can be treated immediately.

Side Effect: swelling/ drooping of the eyelids:

Numbness, droopy eyelids, muscle spasms or twitching, and migration are some of the common Wrinkle reduction treatment side effects but it all depends on your specialist and how skilled they are in terms of carrying out the injecting procedure.

The best specialists know the correct sites of injection and how to avoid side effects such as droopy eyelids e.g one thing we follow at Skin Hampshire is to use small, highly concentrated doses of Wrinkle reduction treatment . These doses are less likely to spread from the injection site than a large diluted dose.

Many of the Wrinkle reduction treatment side effects that do occur usually do not need medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine such side effects go away naturally on their own. The Skin Hampshire health care professionals ensure that we tell you about ways to reduce or prevent some of these side effects.

If any Wrinkle reduction treatment side effects are continuing to be bothersome or if you have any questions about them, go ahead and contact us.

Side Effect: Numbness:

Numbness is an absence of physical sensation, it is not really an issue with Wrinkle reduction treatment , because Wrinkle reduction treatment is not an anesthetic. Numbness is the result of the inability to move a muscle. Whilst not a real issue, it is a moot point for some people. Numbness results depending on the person’s current allergies and even their blood and skin type.

Our recommendation when you get numb is to wait. The sensation will pass.

Side Effect: muscle spasms:

Spasms do not occur whilst the Wrinkle reduction treatment is effective and may signify other problems. Wrinkle reduction treatment by its very nature is used to treat spasms related to benign essential blepharo spasm, hemifacial spasm, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia and temporomandibular joint disorder.

Whilst it’s quite possible for the Wrinkle reduction treatment to spread a little beyond the intended injection site and affect surrounding tissues, we will recommend you calling your doctor immediately. If you’ve received injections into the forehead close to your eyebrows or your upper eyelids, they could be affected and may droop or twitch temporarily but it can also underscore deeper issues.

This only underscores the importance of finding a practitioner who has had a long experience with Wrinkle reduction treatments We can only recommend to contact us.

Please Note: The Information provided here is for your reference purposes only. Please consult us for wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke if you require any medical advice regarding WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT or Cosmetic Treatments.

Wrinkle reduction treatment After Care Advice

wrinkle reduction treatment care advice

What You Can Do To Avoid Wrinkle reduction treatment Side Effects

Getting Wrinkle reduction treatment is easy and might not be time consuming but you need to have constant vigilance in order to keep the Wrinkle reduction treatment maintained. Following these Wrinkle reduction treatment aftercare tips will minimize or prevent most side effects:

Know your specialist:

Make sure your specialist is very experienced at Wrinkle reduction Injections and is a respected medical professional. Some disreputable skin clinics have reportedly administered injections that were over- or under-diluted with saline. Not only this many of the patients who came to us have reported scammers using counterfeit solutions that didn’t contain Wrinkle reduction treatment at all resulting in a less than pleasant experience for the customers. Therefore before making the decision to get Wrinkle reduction treatment done, consult to a friend or someone who has already experienced or has been through the whole process. Having a little caution ensures that you don’t get hurt. Talk to the consultants at Skin Hampshire as well. 


This is one of the most vital of Wrinkle reduction treatment aftercare advice. Do tell your specialist about any medications or prescriptions you maybe using even if they are vitamins, herbal preparations or any other supplements that you take, since some combination of these supplements with Wrinkle reduction treatment could cause serious side effects. It’s especially important to tell us about having taken any injected antibiotics, muscle relaxants, allergy or cold medicines and or sleep medicines.

Post Wrinkle reduction treatment Checks:

Try to exercise your treated muscles for the 1st hour after your Wrinkle reduction treatment . Simple facial gestures like frowning or raising your eyebrows up and down or simply squinting a few times alone will cause plenty of exercise for your face. This will work to extend the injection into your muscles properly. Although this helps the Wrinkle reduction treatment procedure’s final outcome, it doesn’t impact your treatment adversely if you forget to.

Don’t resort to spa or gym centers:

Wrinkle reduction treatment may cause temporary itchiness on your face. This is normal as your skin adjusts to the treatment. In this period, do not have a facial, nor a rub down or massage in the treated areas for upto 24-48 hours after the treatment is over.

Do not also lie down or do strenuous exercise for up to 3 hours after treatment. Also, avoid any exposure to a sauna, hot tub or tanning area for 4 hours.

Avoid Self Medication:

Please be aware that some patients experience a mild headache after the Wrinkle reduction treatment . Don’t panic. Consulting with your doctor is best however if you can’t get in touch with your specialist, a simple Paracetamol can help soothe the pain.

Avoid taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen or other anti- inflammatory medication as this may increase bruising. Best is to avoid any kind of self – medication as such may aggravate your side effects.

Seeing Marks On Your Skin, Don’t Worry:

Any tiny bumps or marks or redness on your face will go away usually within a couple of hours after your Wrinkle reduction treatment . There is a small risk of bruising. Use make up to cover up your bruises if this does occur and know that it’s temporary.

  • Follow your practitioner’s pre and post-injection instructions very carefully.
  • Report all side effects, especially those that are bothering you or won’t go away.
  • Follow your consultant’s pre and post instructions very carefully.
  • Report all side effects, especially those that are bothering you or won’t go away.

Please Note: The Information provided here is for your reference purposes only. Please consult us for wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke if you require any medical advice regarding WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT or Cosmetic Treatments.