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5 Myths of Wrinkle reduction treatments Debunked

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Wrinkle reduction treatment is among the most well-known treatments for many different reasons. But despite of its huge popularity, there are still many misconceptions about its uses. It is only your doctor who knows if Wrinkle reduction treatment is a good idea, but before deciding to get it, we can help enlighten you on some common Wrinkle reduction treatment myths out there.
Below are five of them.

Myth #1: There’s no age restriction for Wrinkle reduction treatment
Fact: As you get older, age may not be a concern. But if you’re a teenager, your doctor will tell you that you might be too young for it. Most doctors advocate preventative Wrinkle reduction treatment for individuals within 20s age range, but for those below 20, such age is too young to start Wrinkle reduction treatment . Wrinkle reduction treatment isn’t ideal for erasing lines under the eyes. Also, it is only ideal for noticeable wrinkles or lines that remain even without facial movement. At 18, appearance of residual lines is very unlikely.

Myth #2: The best time to get Wrinkle reduction treatment is when you notice lines.
Fact: Getting ahead of the game may be better. Right now, more and more people are trying to get preventative Wrinkle reduction treatment to avoid appearance of any lines. When deep impressions already exist in your skin, it will be more difficult to smoothen that out. When you get Wrinkle reduction treatment for preventive reasons, your muscles can get used to not making certain facial experience that contribute to working of the lines. These facial expressions or movements including squinting, scowling and raising eyebrows.

Myth #3: If you get Wrinkle reduction treatment , it will worsen your wrinkles
Fact: No. It won’t make your lines or wrinkles worse, but it will go back to its original appearance. The good thing about Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it prevents your lines from getting even worse while you’re following the treatment. If you stop getting Wrinkle reduction treatment , it will gradually lose its relaxing effect and will go back to the natural development of wrinkles. It will not worsen the appearance of your wrinkles.

Wrinkle reduction treatment results aren’t permanent. It usually last three to four months. But for those who gets regular injections, the result can be longer as the muscles were immobilized for quite some time. But once discontinued, your wrinkles will return to how they look before the treatment.

Myth #4: Wrinkle reduction treatment isn’t just for wrinkles.
Fact: Wrinkle reduction treatment is not only just for aesthetic purposes. Wrinkle reduction treatment has been commonly used to treat temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ Disorder) and migraine. It can also block sweat glands temporarily to cure excessive sweating and even help patients suffering depression.

Myth: Wrinkle reduction treatment is only exclusive for women.
Fact: Interesting, more and more men are getting Wrinkle reduction treatment as gift for themselves and it is not the older men that gets it. Today, we notice a lot of men who are getting Wrinkle reduction Injections as early as 30. These men are not the one who are conscious about their looks and grooming. These guys often get Wrinkle reduction treatment because wrinkles can make them look too old, angry and unfriendly. Getting Wrinkle reduction treatment can help them find a partner or simply meet more friends as it can help soften their looks, giving a more approachable look. This effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment also help them get better deals in terms of business, work and other matters.

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myth busters on wrinkle reduction treatment

5 Myths That Seem To Never Die Down About Wrinkle reduction treatment

Wrinkle reduction treatment is one of the most popular yet controversial treatments for a variety of reasons. Despite all that has been written about WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT, there still is a lot of misconception out there about what exactly is it capable of and what it can actually do. Some of this results because patients don’t often research properly about the clinic they choose or don’t know enough about the credentials of their doctors of choice for the treatment.

Skin Hampshire is popular for its reliable and safe methods and treatments for wrinkle reduction treatment in basingstoke, but if you are getting cold feet due to something false you read on the internet about the process of Wrinkle reduction treatment , we can help bust some of the myths out there for you! Here are five of them:

WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT MYTH: You should only resort to Wrinkle reduction treatments when the lines and wrinkles start to appear.

FACT: Prevention is better than cure. If you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run. Wrinkle reduction treatment is being used more and more frequently by people trying preventative treatments. Waiting until lines become fully etched into your skin means it’s much more difficult to smoothen out their appearance. Often stress and tension or muscle movements like scowling, squinting, and raising eyebrows alone can lead you to get creases on your forehead and consecutively seeing that formation of lines will cause you more worry lines.

Our suggestion. Start off small and then work your way up if required. By forcing the non-formation of certain expressions, you’ll cause less worry lines in the future and will need Wrinkle reduction treatment less often in the future.

WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT  MYTH: Your wrinkles will worsen, if you stop getting Wrinkle reduction treatments

FACT: No, this is a very huge misconception. The wrinkle lines will go back to the way they were before. Skin Hampshire providing Wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke will keep your wrinkles at bay, while you keep up with your treatments but if you do decide to stop having Wrinkle reduction treatments, the skin will resume normal muscle movement over time before Wrinkle reduction treatment which may result in the development of wrinkles with the renewed movement.

And it’s good to remember that Wrinkle reduction treatment results are not permanent. Regular injections at timely intervals over time produce the best results and can sometimes make the treatment last a little bit longer, since the muscles have been immobilized for a long period and can atrophy. Once Wrinkle reduction treatment use is discontinued, they will slowly return to how they were initially, prior to treatment.

WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT MYTH: Wrinkle reduction treatment can lead to loss of facial expressions.

FACT:  Many people think that getting Wrinkle reduction Injections will cause a total facial paralysis and you will not be able to express your emotions freely.

The truth of the matter is that these procedures will enhance expressions rather than erase them completely. Those who will have the treatments performed by trained and skilled physicians here at Wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke, will still be able to display the entire human range of facial and muscle expressions including when required frowning, smiling and appearing surprised.

WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT MYTH: Wrinkle reduction treatment is just for wrinkles.

FACT: Wrinkle reduction treatment is not just a cosmetic weapon! Wrinkle reduction Injections have been used to treat migraines by paralyzing muscle tension and thus creating lessor strain on the nervous system.  Wrinkle reduction treatment can also be used to temporarily block sweat glands and thus stop the excessive sweating especially under arms and might even be able to help patients who suffer from depression.

WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT MYTH: Wrinkle reduction treatment is Surgical Cosmetic Procedure.

FACT: Wrinkle reduction treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. It’s one that can be done in a span of a lunch break it is that rapid and simply fast. Through the use of special needles and Wrinkle reduction treatment liquids any pain associated with the procedure is minimized. There is also no need for anesthesia and you can resume your activities soon after the procedure. Being non-invasive, people feel comfortable and generally think of it as a reliable process.

Please Note: The Information provided here is for your reference purposes only. Please consult us for wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke if you require any medical advice regarding WRINKLE REDUCTION TREATMENT or Cosmetic Treatments.