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ProTox: Getting Wrinkle reduction treatment to Look More Professional


Nowadays, more and more people are turning towards less invasive cosmetic procedure such as Wrinkle reduction treatment . With nearly zero downtime and instant results, one group of people turns to Wrinkle reduction treatment too – professionals who want to hide their emotions. Politicians, lawyers, detectives, psychiatrists and even stockbrokers are now turning to Wrinkle reduction treatment to keep a straight face.

Dubbed as ‘Protox’, this is recently sought by mostly professionals who want to achieve a ‘frozen face’, stopping any facial expression in order to hide any form of emotions. In recent times, doctors noticed a new wave of patients who ask for Wrinkle reduction treatment to provide them minimal or reduced expression. This is particularly common for those with ‘hyper-expressive’ features who desire to look for calm or ‘professional’.

Why Professionals Get ‘Protox’

Although many people choose to get Wrinkle reduction treatment as a preventative measure or to erase existing wrinkles, most of them still prefer to have as much facial movements as possible. However, certain people, especially professionals, desire a ‘frozen forehead’, literally.

There are a number of reasons why more and more professionals are turning to ProTox. Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, who usually spend time listening to their patients, often get Wrinkle reduction treatment between the brows to relax the area and not appear judgmental or disapproving. Wrinkle reduction treatment helps minimize their facial expressions when communicating with their patients.

Another reason for getting ProTox is for treating excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. The underarm area is commonly the popular spot but for those working in finance, politics and media, they frequently request keeping their forehead free from sweating. Sweaty forehead or brow can show that a person is nervous or anxious, and the want to hide it so as not to show nerves.

Another sign of nervousness is jaw clenching. This can easily be fixed through Wrinkle reduction Injectionon the masseter muscle. By relaxing the jaw muscle, people won’t easily notice a person is nervously tense.

Interested in ProTox?

People seeking ‘ProTox’ are cleverly realizing the power of Wrinkle reduction treatment and how it can help their careers and working lives. Like actors and actresses who want to hold facial expressions, lawyers, top negotiators and even medical professionals find it useful to show a serene, calm and unreadable face in their careers.

ProTox is more about technique and methodology. Wrinkle reduction treatment is a very powerful injection, however, the result will depend on the practitioner’s skills and understanding of the patient’s desire as well as their artistry and knowledge of the facial anatomy.

It is necessary for any patient to have a thorough discussion with their doctor before getting any Wrinkle reduction treatment to make sure they only get the best result that will suit them.

The Popularity of Wrinkle reduction treatment for High Heel Pain

Wrinkle reduction treatment for high heel pain

You’ve heard of Wrinkle reduction treatment eye brow lift and face lift, but did you know that the latest beauty treatment to hit the industry is Wrinkle reduction treatment for high heel pain? Popular as ‘stiletto lift’, this procedure was once reserved on celebrities who want walk down the red carpet effortlessly. But now, the procedure is increasing in popularity among career women want to wear high heels at work, but still want to feel comfortable until evening, when they go out with colleagues or friends.

Indeed, the chemical used to erase wrinkles can be injected to the feet. The ball of our foot is equipped with a pad of fat that absorbs shock between the bone and the ground. When you wear high heels, the ball of the feet experiences extra pounding from the high heels and that fat pad gets pushed out or displaced. What happens then is that the bone doesn’t have the cushion so it leads to pain and discomfort. However, some women refuse to give up on them.

Wrinkle reduction treatment for High Heel Pain

Over the last year, the number of women suffering from high heel pain has grown to staggering figure. More and more doctors are offering such procedure, and strange as it may sound, it is now becoming a norm.

Wrinkle reduction treatment for high heel pain has become increasingly popular nowadays. Figures have shown that problems due to high heel shoes already cost £29 million a year in corrective foot surgery.

Using a fine needle, very small amounts of Wrinkle reduction treatment are injected in four areas of the foot to stop swelling and sweating. The result is a slightly comfier feeling to wear four-inch heels. Wrinkle reduction treatment also firm up tissue that is damaged by the painful footwear.

Aside from Wrinkle reduction treatment for high heel pain, many women combine dermal filler injections to relieve pressure on the fat pads on the balls of their feet. Similar to gel inserts, dermal fillers can bear most of the weight when walking in smart heels. Doctors often use hyaluronic acid such as Radiesse in the sole of the foot to help plump the irritated part. Long-term, Radiesse promotes the production of natural collagen in the foot, which means your feet will start to create their own cushioning.

Although the ‘stiletto lift’ does help women wear high heels on a regular basis with clearly less pain and damage, it is still important to use this painful footwear in moderation and not all the time. There is a reason why high heels are very uncomfortable – they significantly change your posture. When you wear them on a daily basis, it can cause permanent problems such as shortening of the calf muscles, which could eventually make walking in flats even uncomfortable.

Here’s What You Should Know About ‘Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ’

Baby-Botulinum toxin

Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment is a delicate procedure in administering Wrinkle reduction treatment to achieve a highly natural and subtle result. First coined in the US, the term ‘baby wrinkle reduction treatment’ rose when movie director Martin Scorsese complained that many actresses he casted look ‘frozen’ and couldn’t use natural facial expression. The actresses began to search for Wrinkle reduction treatment while still working for a more natural look and that will wear off quickly just in time for their next project.

How does Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment Work?

Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment still uses the same treatment formula (Botullinum toxin) and injected in the usual areas. But the difference is that tiny doses, often lower than average, of the treatment are administered and are placed exceedingly carefully into the facial muscles when it will relax facial contractions by blocking nerve impulses. This will let the skin appear smooth, with wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable.

The result: It softens the appearance of wrinkles while still letting natural facial movement. Any hint of frozen look will be avoided.

The most common areas for Baby Wrinkle reduction Injectionare:

  • The forehead
  • Around the eyes

This treatment procedure is not permanent. Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment wears off more quickly so patients have to return for the next treatment after two months. The advantage of Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it gives patients the choice. If a client wanted the usual dose treatment, we will use a unique technique that will achieve effective, long lasting but still natural looking results. However, Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment can be used for those who want to be more minimal and achieve more natural look, or those who don’t want it to last long.

Who are the Best Candidates for Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ?

Wrinkle reduction treatment is a highly popular option among men and women who desire to have youthful look and reduce frown lines and wrinkles. Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment patients can be of any gender or age, and its popularity is growing every year.

  1. First timers – those who never had Wrinkle reduction treatment before and are worried not to overdo it.
  2. Preventative patients – those who are using it as a preventative measure, to block muscle activity so wrinkles won’t develop
  3. Younger patients – those who want a very light dose to prevent early signs of aging
  4. Patients needing facial movement – common clients are actors and actresses who want to retain their full range of facial expressions, yet want to achieve a subtle suppression of aging signs so they still look good on screen
  5. Natural look seekers – those who want a particularly subtle look to their results

Are they any negative side effects of Baby Wrinkle reduction treatment ?

Perhaps the most common side effects are mild pain and tenderness on the site of injection, including very mild swelling, which subsides within 48 hours. Very rarely, the treatment may cause adjacent muscle groups to relax, giving the appearance of a drooping eyelids or eyebrows. This case is rare and should diminish after a week or two.

How to Avoid Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment – Telltale Signs of Counterfeit Products

Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment

UK experts warned that numerous counterfeit cosmetic injectable drugs, including fake Wrinkle reduction treatment have hit the market in recent years. Being one of the most popular non-surgical wrinkle treatment in the market today, Wrinkle reduction treatment has become a leading drug produced for counterfeits.

When bought from an unauthorized seller, knowing the purity and authenticity of the product can be difficult, especially when it comes to storage during shipment. With the labels and packaging seemingly indistinguishable to the original, counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment can wind up almost anywhere, sometimes even in some doctor’s clinics.

Risk of Using Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment

Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetics may contain no Wrinkle reduction treatment at all, providing no effect. But in other cases, it may contain dangerously high levels of strength, resulting in an overdose. Other versions may lack any real quality, sterility or safety assurance.

Whatever your reason for buying fake Wrinkle reduction treatment , whether it’s due to the cheap price or if you are completely unaware, it is important to know the risk of injection toxin not approved by the FDA. A product that is not FDA approved, it means that this product has not undergone safety testing. Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment has already caused severe, permanent health problems such as paralysis. If you are injected with counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment , possible side effect include partial paralysis of the face, permanent nerve damage, infection and excessive swelling or redness of the treated site.

How Can You Ensure the Wrinkle reduction treatment Being Used is the Real Deal?

There are several ways to be safe with cosmetic treatments:

  1. Do not purchase injectable products over the Internet.
  2. Take note that Wrinkle reduction treatment is a prescription drug. It must be prescribed by a qualified doctor on a face to face consultation.
  3. Do not consider do-it-yourself injections for fillers or Wrinkle reduction treatment ; it’s very dangerous
  4. Choose an experienced and qualified practitioner to the treatment. Check the credentials
  5. If you are in doubt, don’t go ahead.

Counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment can be determine by one or more of the errors on the label:

  1. The outer label does not have entries for LOT: MFG: EXP:
  2. Missing lot number
  3. The active ingredient written on the vial and carton is ‘Botulinum Toxin Type A’ instead of ‘OnabotulinumtoxinA’

Only visit a trained, experienced, professional Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic injector. Look for a trusted, Board Certified doctor who will guarantee that you will get authentic Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic at every treatment session – and one that is safely administered and properly stored.

Never allow to have Wrinkle reduction treatment or any cosmetic injectable at a ‘pop-up shop’ or in a house party. There is no way to tell if the Wrinkle reduction treatment being injected is authentic or fake.

Using Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Fillers for Nose Area Wrinkle Correction

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment and advanced liquid face lift products such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse for the wrinkle correction on and around the nose.

Bunny Lines Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

bunny lines
Along the upper third of the nasal bridge and the nose, some people develop facial lines commonly called as ‘bunny lines’. Bunny lines are often an issue to many people. It is caused by the hyperactivity of the nasalis muscles when laughing or smiling. They are called bunny lines since they’re developed from the twitching of the nose muscles.
You can see bunny lines by scrunching your nose. These facial lines may be diagonal, vertical or horizontal. They are typically shallow or superficial. Doctors usually treat bunny lines with a tiny dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment placed in either side of the nose and in the traverse line that runs across the nasal bridge.

It is important not to inject too lateral or away from the nose to avoid affecting the patient’s smile. Though only a little dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment are administered to treat bunny lines, it will require regular treatments as soon as they start to reappear.

Dermal fillers can also be used to treat bunny lines. When used, dermal fillers are injected under the skin lines to fill in a portion of the wrinkles.

Nasolabial Folds Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

nasolabial lines before and after

Nasolabial folds are deep folds or creases that forms from the corner of the nose extending to the corners of the mouth. Nasolabial folds may vary in severity, from shallow lines to superficial folds to very deep crevasses. Sometimes, nasolabial folds may arch around the corners of the mouth, creating a parentheses-looking curves.

Treatment for nasolabial folds vary depending on the type of fold and the severity. For fine lines, doctors often use a filler, usually a less-bulking type such as Juverderm Ultra superficially in the fold. Deeper nasolabial folds are usually treated with advanced liquid face lift products such as Perlane, Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra Plus, more deeply beneath the fold. Such technique will push the fold up, lessening the appearance of the fold, and in some cases, removing the fold entirely.

Aside from direct treatment of nasolabial fold, an advanced liquid face lift procedure can create positive effect on the nasolabial folds. By lifting the upper face or adding volume to cheeks and other facial areas will help pull back the fold for an enhanced appearance. Hence, a growing number of doctors also alleviate nasolabial folds by placing dermal fillers in other areas like the cheeks.

Like any other procedures using liquid face lift products, it is recommended to choose a physician who has extensive experience with treatments that involves non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers and Wrinkle reduction treatment . The more experience the injector has, the more likely he knows and understands the vital intricacies of injection techniques and placement of treatment to achieve natural-looking results.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Lip Enhancement (Lip Lift)

lip lift Wrinkle reduction treatment

Aging can affect the appearance of the lips. Wrinkles and fine lines form around the mouth, the cupid’s bow of the lips thins out, the space between the nose and mouth extends and corners of the lips start to sag.

Traditionally, when it comes to medical aesthetics, Wrinkle reduction treatment is place into the muscles responsible for bunny lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. But there are unconventional ways to use it more than just facial wrinkles.

Non-surgical lip enhancement using Wrinkle reduction treatment is designed to bring back the youthful appearance of the lips. Wrinkle reduction treatment may be used to add definition to the lips, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

Enhancing Lip Definition with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Some people have less defined lips since birth, but many other lose the definition after many years, as the nasal philtrum (the ridge between the lips and the nose) and the lips begin to flatten out. People who don’t want the ‘pouty’, plump lips can make a subtle change in their looks by adding lip definition to the ridges and the nasal philtrum.

Wrinkle reduction treatment may help roll the lips outward by injecting slightly above the upper and lower vermillion border. This can help add lip definition, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

For most patients, the Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Definition enhancement requires only one to two units of Wrinkle reduction treatment for every side of the lip area. This is a great procedure for those who want to have a fuller lip. The Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Lift is the ideal procedure for people who wants the appearance of a more lip volume but does not want to commit to fillers.

Frown Lift with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Due to the inevitable effects of aging, many people start to develop an overstated frown – when the corners of the mouth turn down and the oral commissure lines (the line that extends from the downturned lips). A lot of people also develop lines that extend from corners of the mouth too.

To diminish oral commissure lines and lift subtly the corners of the mouth, physicians inject Wrinkle reduction treatment in the Depressor Anguli Ori (DAO) muscle – the area just below and outside the oral commissures. This muscle connects the corners of your mouth your jaw bone. DAO is primarily used for facial expression, and lets you frown. Using this muscle over time make them strong, pulling down the corners of the mouth. This along with other natural aging processes such as loosening of the ligament around the mouth and volume loss, leads to marionette lines as well as the jowls around the lower face.

Wrinkle reduction treatment can also be place along the jaw line to help lift the mouth’s lateral aspects. This will diminish the downturned lips by gently lifting the corners of the mouth.

Expect to see results after 1 to 2 weeks. But like any other Wrinkle reduction treatments, many patients can see the fast results in the mouth area.

The Benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment for Oily Skin

Wrinkle reduction treatment for oily skin

Pores are vital for keeping the skin hydrated and soft. But when pores become overly large, they can produce more sebum, look uneven and rough and can be unflattering. Even applying makeup can be hard.

Oily skin is thick, shiny and dull-looking. Usually, a chronically oily skin exhibits coarse pores, often has acne and other unpleasant blemishes. It is prone to blackheads and comedones. In this skin type, the oil-producing sebaceous glands are overactive, producing more oil than what’s needed. The oil oozes on the skin surface, giving that embarrassing greasy appearance.

Oily skin clogs pores, ruins makeup and is a pain to deal with.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Oily Skin

The good news is, Wrinkle reduction treatment can be used to control the production of skin oils. Called as ‘intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment ’, this latest technique can reduce skin oil production by targeting the pores – the key to oil production. When the pore size is reduced, the surface area of the skin is reduced and tightened, creating a lift effect.

The science behind Intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment is that it targets the muscles that control pore size – the erector pili muscle as well as the oil glands. When applied with Wrinkle reduction treatment , the pore size will reduce in size, and hence lessen oil production.

Intradermal Wrinkle reduction treatment therapy is also popular for reducing sweat production, shrinking pore size and even reduce the appearance of acne marks. Facial lines in areas thought before to be off-limits to Wrinkle reduction treatment such as below the eyes can now be treated with Wrinkle reduction treatment for a softer look.

How Is It Done

Wrinkle reduction treatment facial uses a tiny amount of Wrinkle reduction treatment diluted to a solution and then injected to the face using a micro-needling pen. The Wrinkle reduction treatment isn’t injected deep so you will not experience the same ‘wrinkle-smoothing’ effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment . Far fewer units are also used compared to a regular Wrinkle reduction treatment wrinkle treatment.

The treatment works by focusing on the oil and sweat glands of the skin as well as the erector pili muscles. By targeting the glands and these tiny muscles, your skin will feel smoother, tighter and less shiny.
Although there is no assurance that it will work for everyone, Wrinkle reduction treatment can possibly prevent acne and blemishes by quelling oil production.

The results can be noticed even after 5 to 7 days after the procedure while the effect can be seen after 3 to 4 months. The treatment is very easy and does not need numbing. There is zero downtime, with a very slight redness of the skin. Because the procedure uses micro-needling pen, you’ll get the amazing benefits of a micro needling procedure such as smoother, more even skin.

‘Brotox’ Popularity: More Men Getting Wrinkle reduction treatment than Ever


In the last few years, there is a huge surge of men looking for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. More than ever, men are seeking such rejuvenation in the form of Wrinkle reduction treatment and filler because they work really well in creating natural looking results with no downtime.

Would you try it? Popularly called as ‘Brotox’ or Wrinkle reduction treatment for Men, one of the reasons for this shift in attitude is that men are increasingly pressured to keep a youthful look to be able to vie in this highly competitive job market. In addition, a study revealed that men (including women) who have a youthful looks can generate more revenue compared to their older looking peers.

Besides economic concerns, having a youthful appearance can have social benefits for men. With the increasing rate of divorce in the UK, more men of all ages are dating and searching for a partner.

It’s also fair to say that men today have a more open attitude when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Men are now more aware of the procedures available to them.

Looking back 10 years ago, you would find a very low number of men willing to undergo cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance; not because they didn’t like the idea of enhancing their looks, but because they felt embarrassed or didn’t want others to see them as vain.

But now, perceptions have changed and most people don’t think about cosmetic treatments solely with women.
Men are increasingly looking healthier and younger later in life. This could be another reason that may be having an influence on the number of men considering getting cosmetic procedures.

Does Wrinkle reduction treatment for Men Different from Women?

Wrinkle reduction Injections work by relaxing facial muscles, reducing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, especially frown lines and crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. Since men have stronger facial muscles than women and have a tendency to get deeper frown line, they may require higher doses than women. But, while women looks best with wrinkles completely erased, men usually look better with wrinkles made less deep or softened.

If you decide to give Wrinkle reduction treatment a try, there are some things you should know:

  1. Talk to your doctor about the result you want to achieve
  2. To minimize the chance of bruising, avoid taking Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Motrin for up to 10 days.
  3. No alcoholic beverages.
  4. If you are taking prescribed blood thinners, tell your doctor beforehand.

To know if Wrinkle reduction treatment for men is right for you, you may contact us for a consultation.

Debunking Myths About Wrinkle reduction treatment and Wrinkles


Maybe you’ve heard your friend share her experience with Wrinkle reduction treatment . You saw her face and you think she looks great.
Wrinkle reduction treatment is a physician-administered, non-surgical cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles in people ages 18 to 65. Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic works by relaxing the muscles that cause those facial lines that have developed over time.

Why Skin Ages

One day, while looking in the mirror and checking those facial line on your eyes and forehead and you thought: Where did they come from?

Too much sun? Stress? Or just a natural sign of aging? Generally, how skin ages is a complex process. It is not only just about collagen depletion, cellular changes, damage due to free radicals, hormone loss and so on.

Anatomy of the Wrinkle

Deep facial lines actually result from the movement of muscles and the passage of time. If you squint or are angry, you knit your facial muscles. Underneath your skin, your facial muscles also contract, due to a pleating of the overlying skin.

After many years of crinkling and wrinkling, those facial lines begin to linger longer, becoming more pronounced. The effect is worse for women due to their typically more delicate skin and more animated face than men – the line could appear more permanent and exaggerated.

The good thing, there is a way to lessen the appearance of facial lines. Wrinkle reduction treatment can visibly soften and smoothen wrinkles and facial lines. But you before you try it for yourself, you have to know more about it.

Popular Wrinkle reduction treatment Myths Debunked

Wrinkle reduction treatment injection
Wrinkle reduction treatment injection

While Wrinkle reduction treatment is one of the most popular treatments for wrinkle and facial lines improvement, some people are still doubtful in trying it out because of the disheartening ‘facts’ that they constantly hear. But not all of these so-called facts are exactly true.

  1. Wrinkle reduction treatment can change your facial expressions.
  2. Wrinkle reduction treatment administration being painful is completely a myth. In fact, most people who tried Wrinkle reduction Injections describe the experience like that of a mosquito bite. You may feel a slight pinching but it won’t last more than few seconds. Procedure does not require anaesthetics because most patients find the injections tolerable.

  3. Getting Wrinkle reduction treatment is painful.
  4. Some people are hesitant in trying Wrinkle reduction treatment , thinking that they could not make facial expressions anymore once the treatment is administered. But the truth is, Wrinkle reduction Injectioncan even enhance your expressions instead of completely erasing them.

  5. You can be poisoned from Wrinkle reduction treatment
  6. Getting Wrinkle reduction Injections won’t lead to food poisoning or botulism. Wrinkle reduction treatment drug is derived from the toxin responsible for botulism but after years of use and continuing research, it is now completely safe when given by a doctor.

  7. Wrinkle reduction treatment is only for facial lines.
  8. Wrinkle reduction treatment was initially used to treat neurological disorders such as back/neck pain, depression, migraine and muscle spasms. Now, cosmetic doctors have discovered its beneficial effects in facial lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

    Do not allow false statements prevent you from improving your appearance and lifting your confidence. Call us at 07 720 621 060 if you’re interested in Wrinkle reduction treatment /Dermal Filler treatments.

The Benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment for Muscle Spasm

Wrinkle reduction treatment for muscle spasm

If injury or stress has stiffened your muscles, a shot of toxin may relieve it.

Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botulinum toxin, has been shown to provide benefits for muscle spasms or stiffness when injected directly into the affected muscles.

While this potentially paralyzing toxin is commonly used to smoothen wrinkles and deep facial lines, experts say it can also provide relief on muscle spasm.

What is Muscle Spasm?

Muscle spasm is the involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles that can cause discomfort. When a joint of a spine become inflamed or injured, the muscles surrounding the spine can spasm which causes limited range of motion and low back pain.

Muscle spasm is commonly treated with muscle relaxants. This drug inhibit muscle contractions by relaxing or ‘sedating’ the muscles. Exercise is another way to treat muscle spasm. Stretching the muscles can help prevent strain, tear or stiffness of the muscle.

However, another way to treat muscle spasm is by administration of Wrinkle reduction treatment . Wrinkle reduction treatment therapy can be used for spasticity that causes pain or limits function. Often, the spasticity affects the muscles of the arm, leg, neck and face.

How Does Wrinkle reduction treatment Work for Muscle Spasm?

Wrinkle reduction treatment is a nerve impulse blocker. The toxins adheres to nerve endings, which then prevents the release of transmitters that activate the muscles. This chemical transmitter carries the signal to the brain telling the muscle to contract. Once the signal is blocked, the muscle does not spasm.

Wrinkle reduction treatment for muscle spasm is injected directly into the affected muscles. However, the effect of Wrinkle reduction treatment gradually disappear and so, the treatment may be repeated as often as every 3 to 6 months.

Wrinkle reduction treatment therapy is done as an outpatient procedure. Small electrodes are secured using tape to the skin over the affected area. Then the electrodes are attached to an EMG (electromyography) machine. EMG machine is used to ensure needle location before administering the drug to ensure the right muscles are identified.

Then your doctor will inject little amount of Wrinkle reduction treatment in different locations along the muscle group.

What to Expect After the Treatment

It is important to note that Wrinkle reduction treatment is an effective treatment for the relief of muscle spasms and not a cure. Since every patient is different, the extent of relief will vary from person to person. You can resume your activity gradually and carefully after Wrinkle reduction treatment injection. Occupational or physical therapy may be advised after injection for better results. Some common side effects include redness, pain or discomfort on the injection site.

Skin Hampshire is a recommended clinic for Wrinkle reduction treatment in Basingstoke. So, whether you decide to get the facial lift or the get the wrinkles between your brows vanished, take your time, get your research and put in your trust in the leading Wrinkle reduction treatment clinic in Basingstoke Hampshire.