• Dr. Naureen Akhtar General Practitioner MBBS,MRCGP,DRCOG

How to Avoid Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment – Telltale Signs of Counterfeit Products

Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment

UK experts warned that numerous counterfeit cosmetic injectable drugs, including fake Wrinkle reduction treatment have hit the market in recent years. Being one of the most popular non-surgical wrinkle treatment in the market today, Wrinkle reduction treatment has become a leading drug produced for counterfeits.

When bought from an unauthorized seller, knowing the purity and authenticity of the product can be difficult, especially when it comes to storage during shipment. With the labels and packaging seemingly indistinguishable to the original, counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment can wind up almost anywhere, sometimes even in some doctor’s clinics.

Risk of Using Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment

Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetics may contain no Wrinkle reduction treatment at all, providing no effect. But in other cases, it may contain dangerously high levels of strength, resulting in an overdose. Other versions may lack any real quality, sterility or safety assurance.

Whatever your reason for buying fake Wrinkle reduction treatment , whether it’s due to the cheap price or if you are completely unaware, it is important to know the risk of injection toxin not approved by the FDA. A product that is not FDA approved, it means that this product has not undergone safety testing. Fake Wrinkle reduction treatment has already caused severe, permanent health problems such as paralysis. If you are injected with counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment , possible side effect include partial paralysis of the face, permanent nerve damage, infection and excessive swelling or redness of the treated site.

How Can You Ensure the Wrinkle reduction treatment Being Used is the Real Deal?

There are several ways to be safe with cosmetic treatments:

  1. Do not purchase injectable products over the Internet.
  2. Take note that Wrinkle reduction treatment is a prescription drug. It must be prescribed by a qualified doctor on a face to face consultation.
  3. Do not consider do-it-yourself injections for fillers or Wrinkle reduction treatment ; it’s very dangerous
  4. Choose an experienced and qualified practitioner to the treatment. Check the credentials
  5. If you are in doubt, don’t go ahead.

Counterfeit Wrinkle reduction treatment can be determine by one or more of the errors on the label:

  1. The outer label does not have entries for LOT: MFG: EXP:
  2. Missing lot number
  3. The active ingredient written on the vial and carton is ‘Botulinum Toxin Type A’ instead of ‘OnabotulinumtoxinA’

Only visit a trained, experienced, professional Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic injector. Look for a trusted, Board Certified doctor who will guarantee that you will get authentic Wrinkle reduction treatment Cosmetic at every treatment session – and one that is safely administered and properly stored.

Never allow to have Wrinkle reduction treatment or any cosmetic injectable at a ‘pop-up shop’ or in a house party. There is no way to tell if the Wrinkle reduction treatment being injected is authentic or fake.

How to Extend the Results of Wrinkle reduction treatment or Dermal Filler Treatment

Wrinkle reduction treatment  in Basingstoke

The result of Wrinkle reduction treatment or dermal filler treatment is not permanent, and so, we want to help our patients understand their own skin to help them extend the results and – over time – will need fewer repeat touch up treatments. Below are some tips to help extend the results of your dermal filler or Wrinkle reduction treatment and lower the cost of preserving a youthful facial contour and skin.

Use Superior Quality Skincare Products

One of the best ways to continue enjoying the benefits of an advanced dermal filler or liquid face lift is effective skin care. But the problem is, there are countless overstated claims about beauty products that it can be hard to search through the broad array of options to find out what really works.

Although some over-the-counter products deliver their claims, you might consider using medical grade skincare products. These products are formulated to higher specification compared to similar OTC products. It is best to use products that will help prevent future skin damage. A facial cleanser that balances pH while extract impurities and exfoliates is important. A sunscreen with high SPF applied every day is essential for your defence against future damage from the sun. High grade moisturizer with antioxidant can help prolong your results.

Follow Doctor’s Advice for Post-treatment Care

Your doctor will more likely recommend you not to lie down for several hours after a Wrinkle reduction treatment . Excessive physical activity or muscle movement may be asked to be avoided for few hours after a liquid face lift procedure. By following doctor’s recommendation, you will help achieve its maximum efficacy.

Use Wrinkle reduction treatment along with Dermal Filler Treatment Where Applicable

Exaggerated muscle movement can weaken the strength, even the most advanced dermal filler. Because Wrinkle reduction treatment weakens excessive muscle movement, it is effective in prolonging the life of most liquid face lift and dermal filler treatment. Wrinkle reduction treatment provide a dual purpose. First is that dermal filler last much longer. Second, it provides dermal fillers more time to trigger collagen production response for another level of enduring results. However, there are some cases where Wrinkle reduction treatment may not be recommended. Discuss with your physician if supplementing the treatment with Wrinkle reduction treatment would be helpful.

Maintain Optimum Results with Regular Touch-Ups

This can have a tremendous impact on how the dermal filler stimulate your skin’s production of collagen and how it will relax the wrinkles and lines. One of the most common mistake people make after getting Wrinkle reduction treatment or dermal filler is not returning timely for a touch-up treatment. They usually do this to save money but if you want to achieving longer results, your money spent on regular follow-up procedure often leads to huge savings over time.

When it comes to dermal fillers, it takes several touch ups before the body starts to respond on its own to produce collagen. The effect of routine follow up treatments are usually cumulative, and help prolong the results for longer intervals between touch up treatments. It’s possible that a patient who followed regular touch up for two years may start to measure intervals in terms of years.

Using Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Fillers for Nose Area Wrinkle Correction

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Wrinkle reduction treatment and advanced liquid face lift products such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse for the wrinkle correction on and around the nose.

Bunny Lines Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

bunny lines
Along the upper third of the nasal bridge and the nose, some people develop facial lines commonly called as ‘bunny lines’. Bunny lines are often an issue to many people. It is caused by the hyperactivity of the nasalis muscles when laughing or smiling. They are called bunny lines since they’re developed from the twitching of the nose muscles.
You can see bunny lines by scrunching your nose. These facial lines may be diagonal, vertical or horizontal. They are typically shallow or superficial. Doctors usually treat bunny lines with a tiny dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment placed in either side of the nose and in the traverse line that runs across the nasal bridge.

It is important not to inject too lateral or away from the nose to avoid affecting the patient’s smile. Though only a little dose of Wrinkle reduction treatment are administered to treat bunny lines, it will require regular treatments as soon as they start to reappear.

Dermal fillers can also be used to treat bunny lines. When used, dermal fillers are injected under the skin lines to fill in a portion of the wrinkles.

Nasolabial Folds Wrinkle Correction with Wrinkle reduction and Dermal Filler

nasolabial lines before and after

Nasolabial folds are deep folds or creases that forms from the corner of the nose extending to the corners of the mouth. Nasolabial folds may vary in severity, from shallow lines to superficial folds to very deep crevasses. Sometimes, nasolabial folds may arch around the corners of the mouth, creating a parentheses-looking curves.

Treatment for nasolabial folds vary depending on the type of fold and the severity. For fine lines, doctors often use a filler, usually a less-bulking type such as Juverderm Ultra superficially in the fold. Deeper nasolabial folds are usually treated with advanced liquid face lift products such as Perlane, Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra Plus, more deeply beneath the fold. Such technique will push the fold up, lessening the appearance of the fold, and in some cases, removing the fold entirely.

Aside from direct treatment of nasolabial fold, an advanced liquid face lift procedure can create positive effect on the nasolabial folds. By lifting the upper face or adding volume to cheeks and other facial areas will help pull back the fold for an enhanced appearance. Hence, a growing number of doctors also alleviate nasolabial folds by placing dermal fillers in other areas like the cheeks.

Like any other procedures using liquid face lift products, it is recommended to choose a physician who has extensive experience with treatments that involves non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers and Wrinkle reduction treatment . The more experience the injector has, the more likely he knows and understands the vital intricacies of injection techniques and placement of treatment to achieve natural-looking results.

Using Wrinkle reduction treatment for Lip Enhancement (Lip Lift)

lip lift Wrinkle reduction treatment

Aging can affect the appearance of the lips. Wrinkles and fine lines form around the mouth, the cupid’s bow of the lips thins out, the space between the nose and mouth extends and corners of the lips start to sag.

Traditionally, when it comes to medical aesthetics, Wrinkle reduction treatment is place into the muscles responsible for bunny lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. But there are unconventional ways to use it more than just facial wrinkles.

Non-surgical lip enhancement using Wrinkle reduction treatment is designed to bring back the youthful appearance of the lips. Wrinkle reduction treatment may be used to add definition to the lips, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

Enhancing Lip Definition with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Some people have less defined lips since birth, but many other lose the definition after many years, as the nasal philtrum (the ridge between the lips and the nose) and the lips begin to flatten out. People who don’t want the ‘pouty’, plump lips can make a subtle change in their looks by adding lip definition to the ridges and the nasal philtrum.

Wrinkle reduction treatment may help roll the lips outward by injecting slightly above the upper and lower vermillion border. This can help add lip definition, making flat, thin lips appear more pleasing.

For most patients, the Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Definition enhancement requires only one to two units of Wrinkle reduction treatment for every side of the lip area. This is a great procedure for those who want to have a fuller lip. The Wrinkle reduction treatment Lip Lift is the ideal procedure for people who wants the appearance of a more lip volume but does not want to commit to fillers.

Frown Lift with Wrinkle reduction treatment


Due to the inevitable effects of aging, many people start to develop an overstated frown – when the corners of the mouth turn down and the oral commissure lines (the line that extends from the downturned lips). A lot of people also develop lines that extend from corners of the mouth too.

To diminish oral commissure lines and lift subtly the corners of the mouth, physicians inject Wrinkle reduction treatment in the Depressor Anguli Ori (DAO) muscle – the area just below and outside the oral commissures. This muscle connects the corners of your mouth your jaw bone. DAO is primarily used for facial expression, and lets you frown. Using this muscle over time make them strong, pulling down the corners of the mouth. This along with other natural aging processes such as loosening of the ligament around the mouth and volume loss, leads to marionette lines as well as the jowls around the lower face.

Wrinkle reduction treatment can also be place along the jaw line to help lift the mouth’s lateral aspects. This will diminish the downturned lips by gently lifting the corners of the mouth.

Expect to see results after 1 to 2 weeks. But like any other Wrinkle reduction treatments, many patients can see the fast results in the mouth area.